Wood Fence Design Guide To Custom Features And Unique Style

25 May 2021
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If you are wanting a wood fence with a unique style, you may want to invest in a lot of custom features. Choosing the right custom features for your wood fence design can be challenging. You want to know what the best options are for unique features to be added to your fence. The following wood fence design guide will give you some ideas for your property:

Fence Line Posts and Walls

The unique design of your wood fence can begin with the fence line. This can start with walls that can be built to support the wood fence sections. The posts can also be different with options like metal or masonry pillars. If you are doing walls to support the fence, masonry pillars can be great to support fence sections, corners, or gates.

Installing Lattice Decorative Features

If you want additional decorative features for your wood fence, choosing lattice may achieve this goal. Lattice is a great choice to add many decorative features to your fence. These can include transoms above fence sections or archway structures at entrance gates. The features can also be used to create attractive trellis designs for climbing plants that you want to add to the design of your fence. In addition to the lattice, other materials can be used for some of these features, such as metal, glass, or plywood sheathing.

Vertical Garden and Integrated Features

The fence can also have vertical garden features added to its design. The vertical gardens can be made with wood planters that are built into the design of the fence. This can add attractive life to the design of your fence. In addition to adding a vertical garden, there are other features that can be integrated into your wood fence design.

Unique and Original Wood Fence Patterns

The wood fence can have a unique look other than conventional slat or picket designs. These can be designs that include unique patterns like herringbone. There are other ways to use wood for the fence design, such as combining different materials or using plywood with a finish coating and decorative silhouettes cut into the sheets. If you use plywood, ask your contractor about the best choices of materials and make sure these materials are stained and sealed when they are installed.

There are a lot of extra features and design details that can be added to your wood fence. Contact a wood fence installation service to discuss the options you want to use to give your new fence a unique look.